Original, Mini-Abstract Artcards
Each original artcard is a special reduced studio price of $10/card throughout April and May. Remember each card features an original oil and metallic watercolor painting that your recipient will love to add to their art collection!
To order my artcards, I have a simple, manual process: just select your color(s) and payment method from the lists below and click here to email me a quick message with your selections and quantity. Please include your shipping address (shipping cost is included).
Artcard color selection:
  • Multi colors (multi-colors and silver)
  • Cool colors (blues, greens, purples and silver)
  • Modern colors (black, white, champagne and silver)
Artcard payment options:
  • Venmo (@DavidCastleArt)
  • Check (I'll reply to your email with my studio address)
  • Credit Card (include your contact phone and I'll call you)

Multi colors artcard

Cool colors artcard

Modern colors artcard

Framed cool colors artcard

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